No, you can’t have one.

When your kids spend a day riding ponies and playing with dachshunds, this is the type of sentence which you find yourself speaking, repeatedly.
Yes, ponies and miniature horses are cute. Even those funny little sausage dogs are cute. No, you can’t have one. Why? We already have a dog and a cat… and because the poos don’t come in miniature form.
Amy loved the little dachshunds.
And Kate even cracked a smile. A rare thing.
And somehow in this crazy, mixed up day, my husband participated in a group photo with the kids and he actually smiled. Wonders will never, ever cease.
And while they were having fun at our friends house, I went with Sarah on a girlie day to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens and then to Kurrajong Markets. A great day indeed for the Jarrett family!
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