Amy loves music. Always has. From the time she was about 9 months old and would start waving her arms around whenever Low came on from Flo Rida. Now at 5 she sings to almost every song that comes on the radio. She remembers the words to songs when I can’t. She seriously loves music.
Last night I decided to check out some scrapbooking challenges. I happened to come across Kraft it Up and their September challenge. I took one look at the sketch and knew I had to do it.
However, it wasn’t that simple. Nothing was working for me and it felt really forced. So I mucked around on Facebook while I set my cameo to work on cutting out the little doilies. Once they were finished, I started playing around with placement and it all came together quite quickly after that.
Don’t you love it when you have bits and pieces you never thought you would use and then you find an actually use for them? Who would have thought I could use so many crocodile embellishments on one page?
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