Project 365

Yep. I’m going to have a good crack at it this year. I’m determined and I have good intentions. What could possibly go wrong?
I’m going to primarily take the photos with my phone so I won’t have to drag around camera equipment around with me. And I’ll totally use filters to make the photos look decent!
So, to keep my interest levels up, I made this little button yesterday.

It took me ohh, about 2 hours. I’m certainly no Photoshop whizz. And yep, that’s my little vintage Box Brownie I picked up years ago off eBay for about $10. Try getting one for that price now.
Here’s a little button if you want to add it to your blog and play along as well. You just need to right-click then save it.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings me and my little family, but expect to see lots of dodgy camera photos! Yay!
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