Cooking: Sloth Cake

Kate wanted to have a little get-together for a few of her friends for her 13th birthday. Kate loves sloths. So I may have foolishly put it into head that having a sloth cake would be cool. I couldn’t disappoint her, so I turned to the interwebs.
(Un)surprisingly, there aren’t too many sloth cakes out there on the net. In the google search, the sloth cakes quickly gave way to just sloth photos and memes.
I did find one on Pinterest and unfortunately the pin did not lead to any information, so I was left to my imagination and inexperience at cake decoration.
And then I made this and freaked myself out completely because it actually looked like a sloth cake (if you squint):

 And here’s a little closer look at the big guy.

A few things to help the next person:

  1. Brown is a tough colour to be made from a simple 4 pack of food colouring. I used green and red and a lot of finger crossing.
  2. Chocolate does not mix well with fondant (when thinking of substitutes for food colouring).
  3. If the legs are put too high on a sloth, you may get funny comments from friends.
  4. It wasn’t near as hard as I thought it would be. Roll a few balls for belly’s and heads, then roll some sausages for arms and legs, and you’re pretty much good to go.
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