Day to Day: Museum

Amy woke up on Sunday and really wanted to go bowling. So of course we took the kids to the Australian Museum instead. We’re cool parents like that.

We decided to see the Tyrannosaurs exhibition:

It was very interactive so the kids had a ball. I think their favourite interactive exhibition was the one where they had to jump up and down to make the asteroid miss Earth.  Sadly, they were unable to save the Earth.
Then after going through the dinosaur gift shop and contemplating buying fossilised dinosaur poop (in the end we went with a snail), we headed to the rest of the museum.
We went through the skeleton collection:
Then through the stone collection:
Through the Wildlife Photographer of the Year gallery:
This gallery was absolutely amazing and so packed that you could not get through the crowd to see every photo.
Then through the original dinosaur collection:

Only on one of the nights before, we were watching a David Attenborough documentary about when he was younger and was given a shell of an Elephant Bird in Madagascar. We did not expect to see a cast of that very same egg, but to our amazement, we did!
Lastly, because you can never have too many photos like this one:
And just maybe, sometime over these school holidays I might take them bowling.
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