Fitness: Bike Riding

Remember this post? Considering my broken tooth has only just finally been fixed, I certainly haven’t forgotten it.
I must admit it, I had some major anxiety attacks after my fall, even when I just thought about the bike. When Steve tested the brakes out, I had to hide inside almost in tears in case the same thing happened to him. It didn’t help that my brain kept a loop going of the part where my face was grating along the road. Especially when I would try to fall asleep. Fun times.
It was even a big deal to me just to run as I kept thinking I was going to fall over. I’ve never fallen over running before, but what can you say to an unreasonable brain?
This last week, I took the kids out for a ride while I ran. After the second time I thought, you know what, it’s time.
So I got my clothes ready the night before, put my cleats out and pumped up my tires.
When I woke up in the morning and Steve asked if I was going, of course I made an excuse not to go.
Then I thought: go dammit, just go.
And I did.

It took me a bit to push off and start peddling. My brain was saying yes, but my legs were not cooperating.
In the end, I only cycled 15kms.
But I cycled.
And now I don’t have that anxiety in the pit of my stomach.
I have a new burn.
The next tri I am going to enter. I have some training to catch up on.
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