Day to Day: Canberra Part 2

Does anyone actually know what that big wavy wood thing represents out the front of the museum? Honestly, I’d really like to know.
So we arrived here and before we even set foot in the door, there may have been at least one child complaining of sore legs. Sigh.

But we pushed on.
I didn’t take a photo of it, but at the very beginning there is a revolving room that has a brief history of Australia showing on the screens. Amy was a little bit freaked out by this. Again?! It was over soon enough and off we went in search of historical artifacts.
The kids really enjoyed looking through the people gallery, probably because it had things they could relate to like PlaySchool and The Wiggles. The kids did not think my rendition of the rocket clock music from PlaySchool was very good. I say they don’t know what they’re talking about. Although they may have a point with the bopping up and down.

At the beginning, the lovely lady at the information desk gave us Trail Blazer booklets for the kids to look up fun stuff. The pig head with two bodies was an interesting one. Sorry, I really should have taken a photo of that!
Anyway, it was great as there were some exhibits that the kids would not have ordinarily looked at. like this cannon, where you get to feel a piece of ballast.

Here’s the men in the family, in trouble as always and having to put on shackles:

Oh look, I even make an appearance! Amy took this photo of Luke and I, and I thought I would include it in my post for no reason other than to say ‘hi!’:

And the kids seemingly doing what they do best, playing on a damn screen:

And this photo because we got lost and could not find our way out of the museum. Really, an exit sign would have been helpful.

There’s that wooden wave thing again. I’m so curious about the meaning behind it.
By this point, the kids had had enough and secretly so had I, and it was after 2pm so we could actually check into our lodgings, so off we went in search of our hotel.
Good times, Canberra.
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