Day to Day: Canberra Part 3

When we go on holidays, I always try and find the cheapest accommodation. Because I am tight.
The first thing I looked at when we decided to go on our road trip, was to check out hotels. I headed over to and put in the dates, number of people and hit search.
Then filtered by price.
I picked the first one on the list of course.
The place I picked was Forrest Hotel and Apartments.
I must say, having the room all heated for us when we walked in was a really nice touch, because you know, the middle of winter in Canberra is really cold.
We were on the bottom floor of the apartments.

I’m trying to convince Steve that we need a modular couch. He doesn’t think so:

And the master bedroom, where I must say, considering it was the coldest night in Canberra (-5) since winter 2013, we didn’t feel it at all:

After we checked out our lodgings, we decided that if we stopped, we wouldn’t get going again. So off we went to Telstra Tower.
You may (although probably not) remember photos from way back here. I apologise if they are too similar.
The tower from the base:

An updated photo, although Steve is missing:

We decided to stay to watch the sun go down. We made 2 mistakes.
1. It was really bleeping cold and windy.
2. It takes less than 1 minute for the sun to actually set.

Without a word of a lie, the time stamp on the next photo is only 57 seconds later:

Afterwards, we went out for dinner. Nothing fancy, well except for that rocky road sundae Kate and I shared at the end. Pure bliss in a glass cup.

And then because we were basically in a food coma which was combined with sheer exhaustion, we went back to our hotel and went to bed.
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