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I was at the airport yesterday on my way home from Adelaide as I was there for work. Of course I was killing time in the newsagency/bookshop before my flight. I picked up a copy of TIME Magazine and had a flick through it. I am a long time reader of TIME. When I was in year 10, I needed to complete an assignment that collated health articles out of newspapers and magazines. I came across TIME as part of this assignment and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve never been interested in gossip magazines and so when I do buy magazines, I will go for either TIME or a science magazine. I find the topics so much more interesting and the best part is I’m actually learning things! Things I have contributed to actual adult conversations!
When I started using Twitter, TIME was one of the very first accounts I started following. I had no idea how Twitter worked and so I just did some random searches of things I was interested in and TIME popped up and I started following them. I have since downloaded the new TIME app onto my iPad, and checked out the free issue. It was from July 2015, the Answers Issue.
I have to admit that I’ve even stopped checking out certain news sites on the web. I find these sites full of celebrity stories that have zero impact on my life. Sometimes it feels like these pieces are written just to fill a quota of articles or with specifically designed content to ‘go viral’. I am uninterested. I want articles on people, on places, on world-wide events that mean something. I want in-depth and factual information of world events and issues. This is what I am interested in. This is what I am passionate about.
This is such a cool edition as it has the articles I know and enjoy, as well as some really cool infographics. The app has interactive pages, so when you touch the + signs on the plane for example, additional information pops up. Turns out we should be sitting at the back of the plane.
Seriously, the app is great, it features all the normal print articles and sections, but it even comes with bonus digital content, which includes audio of the articles, which is great for me as I love to listen to podcasts while I craft. There’s also videos and interactive content. It’s taken TIME to a totally new level. You really have to check out this YouTube video as I can’t explain how awesome this app is in words (well, I can, but we’ll be here all day): or on this Vimeo link:
And because TIME wants everyone to experience and explore the world of what quality journalism is (I’m looking at you, click baiters!), they are now offering a 65% off subscription deal until the end of June, get it here!  Steve’s got his big 4-0 birthday coming up and I know exactly what I am going to get him as he loves TIME as well! I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, so he’s not going to find out. And I know who’s going to be more excited, me!
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