Travel: Gold Coast Day 7

Today Kate, Luke and I head back to Movie World as this was their favourite park. Steve and Amy decide to go to the beach and Timezone. We head over to the Wild West flume ride to see if it’s open. It is and there’s basically no line. We get straight on and I have to admit, it’s a fantastic ride.
After this ride, Kate makes it her mission to go on the Scooby Doo ride as many times as she can. She cracks ten times.
And somehow in all this madness, I get her to come on the Arkham Asylum with me. She kept her eyes closed the whole way, but she still did it.
Afterwards we duck into Sea World as Kate lost her hat there on our first day. We have half an hour to spare so we decide to make the most of it and Luke and I ride the Storm Coaster five times in a row. Awesome.
Dinner that night is the most expensive meal we have had. We go to Bazaar at QT, an all you can eat buffet that will cook you anything you want. I think I got my money’s worth eating the Balmain Bugs and prawns. It was delicious and we almost had to roll back to Q1.
This is our last night before we head back home. I don’t know if we are ready to go home.
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