Travel: Gold Coast Days 5 & 6

We had kept an eye on the weather all week and timed these two days accordingly. Friday was meant to be hot while Saturday had a forecast of rain. 
So on Friday we once again head out to the theme park area and go to Wet n Wild. Now since you are basically running around in your swimmers all day, you don’t keep your belongings on you, so needless to say, I took very few photos on the day. They have a wrist band that you load money onto and that is what you use to buy food and drinks throughout the day. It’s a great idea.
These two photos were taken on the Calypso Beach ride where you just floated around and around. It was awesome and importantly, Amy was enjoying it!
Luke and I decided to go on the Aqua Loop, the ride where you’re in a capsule and the floor falls away and you free fall up to 60km/hr apparently. Well, we get to the front of the line and there’s a weight restriction so Luke isn’t able to go on it as he is too light. I figure, I may as well go on it and I can tell him about it. He’s probably lucky he didn’t go on it. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t terrifying or anything, it just wasn’t fun having water sprayed into your face for the entire ride. Next.
All up, I think we ended up going on every ride. I really think Wet n Wild is my favourite park out of the three that we have visited.
Dinner that night was Pancakes on the Rocks,
Saturday is teeming with rain, so we head up to the outlet stores at Harbour Town. There are bargains to be had, Amy got a pair of Adidas sneakers for $30, but you do need to look for them. not all the store appear to be outlet stores. But we still enjoyed out shopping trip.
That night we eat Italian and for the kids, there’s a clown for entertainment. He made Luke a sword and Kate and Amy a dog each. Wow, Amy looks so tired in this photo!
After dinner, we go 10 pin bowling! And there’s Amy again as every one else refuses to be in my photos. Humph.
Only one more day left.
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