Travel: Osaka – Kyoto

Kate and I wake up early, check out and make our way to the train station for the trip to Kyoto. By the way, I was saying Kyoto incorrect for 5 months before someone corrected me (it’s Key-oto, not Kai-oto).

Anyway, we make our way to Shinsaibashi Station. Gone are the bright lights of the night before, and we are confronted with the little alley streets of the city. I am amazed with the electricity poles, I really expected to see everything really neat and organised. I’m not disappointed by any means, just surprised.
We get to the station and we are soon on our way to Kyoto station. We find a couple of lockers for our suitcases at the station. After a bit of a chuckle over the forbidden items, we go in search of food. We walk out of the station and the first thing we see is Kyoto Tower. It is magnificent and again, I can’t believe my eyes! I am so excited to be here.
Kate of course spies a McDonalds and so we decide that is what we will have for breakfast.
After breakfast, we make our way back to the station to go two stops to go to Inari Station to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha.
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