Travel: Kinkakuji Temple

We started off the morning with a hearty breakfast of noodles. Ok, so maybe not so hearty. So how about a tea from a vending machine as we walk to Kyoto station? Uhh nope, certainly not my idea of a nice strong cup!
Today is the only day that I’ve been really confused about our travel arrangements to get to a location. I researched and checked timetables and maps, but I still couldn’t work it out. So we thought we’d cover our bases and buy a 500 yen all day bus pass. We find the right bus as it’s very well signposted about which bus we need to catch, and we are off on our way towards Kinkakuji temple. The bus ride takes about 45 minutes.
We hop off the bus and walk the 100-200 metres to the entrance and we are greeted with the most beautiful autumn foliage. The grounds are so pretty and I am in awe.
We pay the entrance fee and as soon as we walk in and we are greeted by the golden temple. It is simply stunning. These photos do not do the temple justice. It is majestic. The shimmering gold is really a sight to behold.
After we’ve taken our obligatory photos, we move on into the grounds. We had a go flicking some coins into Buddha’s coin basket. I am far more ass than class, and I got three in from five coins. I guess that means I’ll have lots of luck?
Kate and I even get a photo together, there is supposed to be a small waterfall in this picture.
And one last glimpse of Kinkakuji.
And to make up for the crappy can of tea this morning, I decided I deserved an ice cream.
And afterwards I am still none the wiser how we are getting to our next destination. So we hop in a cab and make our way to the Arashiyama district. I’m going from memory here, but I think it ended up being about $30AUD. And considering I can work out any route ordinarily, but I couldn’t work this one out, it was worth the cost.
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