Travel: Sagano Romantic Train

We make our way from the Bamboo Forest to Torokko Arashiyama station, where the Sagano Romantic Train will depart from and make our way to Kameoka Torokko station.
We get here early and purchase our tickets, which costs us just under 1000 Yen for the two of us. We are able to book a seat on the open carriage, but it quickly sells out after us and then there are standing room only tickets left.
We decide to wait the time out by browsing the gift store and buying some lunch. We have a good giggle at the Caution Crow sign, crows seem so tame to us in comparison to magpies!
When it’s almost time for the train to arrive, we are allowed down onto the platform. The train arrives at the platform and everyone is so efficient at getting on the train.
We settle in and the trip begins. Not long into the train ride, it starts to rain! Surprisingly we don’t get wet as there is some shelter. The scenery is amazing and I’m quite disappointed with the way my photos turned out as it doesn’t do the trip justice.
We stop briefly at Torokko Hodukyo Station, but I’m not sure why as there appears to be absolutely nothing here, except for a bridge across the river into the wilderness.
Oh look, here’s Kate and I. The lovely couple across from us took this photo as we’d taken one for them.
I wish this photo showed the true colour of the water. It’s was beautiful and aqua. So pretty! You can catch one of these boats back, but Kate gets motion sickness quite easily, so I wasn’t going to chance it!
After we disembark at Kameoka Torokko station it is raining quite heavily. Luckily for us the gift shop are selling umbrellas as there’s a 10 minute walk to the JR Umahori station to get back to Arashiyama.
 We get back to Arashiyama and then make our way towards Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama.

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