Hmmm an interesting day……

Went to shops first up this morning.
I got Steve his BBQ and also 2 books for Christmas.
Bought myself a new pair of sneakers which I have just tried out. 😉
Got the last layby out – well after them looking for it for about 15 minutes! But I was just happy that they found it!

So got home and my sister F and BIL J were there. Just sat down for lunch when the phone rang. It was dad. My dad lives in Melbourne but was up for the weekend for his friends birthday party. So he came over this afternnon and visited. He was actually nice. Strange but true……

I told him we were married right after I told him that my sister A had seperated from her husband T. So the wedding was glossed over – happy about that because I didnt have to show him the photos because mum went and I didnt tell him mum went! He would have been cranky about that! Instead he was cranky at my sister A about the whole seperation thing. Totally agree with him there after talking to BIL T yesterday. Oh well………

So now I am all curious as about 4pm we heard a police car go zooming past – you only see about 1 police car a year inthis suburb! – so when I went for my walk I saw a house that had police tape all around it. Hmmmmm I wonder what happened. The police were still there too and this was like 3 hours later!

So tonight we have put the tent up and me and Kate are sleeping in the back yard! Should be fun!!!

Oh and before I go, here is a layout I did the other night:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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