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30 of the best gift ideas for crocheters

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I really enjoy crocheting. I find it a relaxing and soothing way to be creative. I have made a couple of blankets that I’ve always given away as gifts. And that’s one thing about a crochet lover; they love to give their projects away as gifts! I have received three blankets as gifts, and I treasure every one of them because I know how much effort has gone into making them.

On a side note, if you come to my house, please don’t start looking in my cupboards because you will find yarn stashed everywhere! When my husband gets in the mood to organize things around the house, I always wonder how long it will be until he finds a random stash. Trust me; it’s never a long time!

I hope you find the perfect crochet present within the following list of gift ideas.

hexagon crochet blanket

As a lover of yarns and crochet gifts myself, I’m here to help you out today with the following list of best gifts you can give the yarn lover in your life. If you have a family member who enjoys making crochet items, you’ll hopefully find the perfect gift idea here!

Yarn bowl

I definitely have a yarn bowl on my want list! I love them as they are super useful, and they also look fantastic. If your crochet friend doesn’t like this as a gift, I don’t know what would make them happy! This is a great gift idea as your ball of yarn will stay put! Honestly, I found it hard to choose which one to display here because they are all so beautiful. I’ll add two different types and I’ll leave the tough decision up to you to decide on which one you get!

centered image

Wooden yarn storage bowl

This beautifully crafted bowl is made out of tumeric and rosewood, and it will be sure to delight the crocheter in your life. The bowl is approximately 7" in diameter and 3" tall. It will prove to be a very useful gift.

Check prices here!

A yarn bowl will help keep your wool organised and untangled while crocheting. It also helps to keep yarn clean. Additionally, it looks great while your project is in progress. To use a yarn bowl, simply thread the wool into the groove and start your project.

Ceramic yarn bowl

Yet again, another beautiful yarn bowl, this one is glazed ceramic. These bowls are a great way to ensure your ball of yarn doesn't roll away!

Check prices here!
completed crochet baby blanket

Crochet jewelry

While these next couple of gifts may not be a super useful tool like some of the other ideas here, they would still make excellent presents for people who crochet. Crochet jewellery items make great stocking stuffers as they are small and unique. The first gift is the sweetest brooch. 

Crochet Queen Crocheters Enamel Pin

This enamel pin is so cute! It is so well detailed and created using stainless steel, so it should last for a long time. It has an easy pin system for quick attaching and detaching. The crocheter in your life will love this pin.

Check prices here!

In addition to a really cool enamel pin, you may want to pair that with a set of earrings. Earrings can make for a very thoughtful gift, just make sure your crocheter has their ears pierced!

Yarn earrings

If you need to find crochet gift ideas this holiday season, look no further than this pair of yarn earrings. These earrings are made from alloy that is nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic. These are a great gift for the crocheter that has it all.

Check prices here!

The final piece of yarn jewelry I have to share is a Pandora style charm for a bracelet or necklace. 

Ball of wool charm bead

If you are searching for heartfelt gifts at Christmas time, look no further than this charm bead. It fits any Pandora-style jewelry, so there's no need to buy a separate bracelet or necklace if your loved one already has one.

Check prices here!

Crochet shirt and crochet sweater

Ok, so these crochet themed shirts and sweaters are awesome. I do love a good crochet pun or funny saying and these shirts do not disappoint.

You’ll be able to cover all seasons with an array of styles catered for. There are t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, raglan shirts, and sweaters. And the best part is, they come in different colors so you can get your crochet friend or best friend their favorite color!

Yarn cutter pendant

Sometimes you need something that is just super functional and you wonder why you never thought of it before! That’s where something like a yarn cutting pendant comes into the picture. It’s one of the best gift ideas for people who are constantly looking around to see where they’ve placed their scissors!

Clover Pendant Cutter

This little pendant is a handy tool for cutting yarn. It has a blade that is encased within a metal pendant, making it very safe to use. Place the pendant on a ribbon or string so it can be worn around the neck. 

Check prices here!
blanket for crochet lover

Crochet mug

I love a novelty mug as much as the next person, which is why I think a mug is a perfect present for people who crochet. In fact, I don’t think there’s a single person who wouldn’t love a mug like this one.

Customizable crochet novelty mug

This 11oz mug can be fully customizable in your choice of crochet quotes. With 9 different sayings, you can be sure to have a unique crochet gift.

Check prices here!

Crochet travel mug

A travel mug is so handy for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, they are great if you are going somewhere and want to keep your drink warm while you travel there. Secondly, travel mugs can help prevent your drink from going everywhere if you accidentally knock your cup.

Travel mug with crochet quote

This particular crochet quote travel mug is 14oz. It's made from quality stainless steel with double walls so it keeps your drink lovely and warm for a long time. Your crocheter needs this mug!

Check prices here!

Yarn bags

Yarn bags are a great option for your favorite crocheter. These bags can be used as storage around the home, or alternatively, these bags make it easy to transport your yarn and work-in-progress. 

Yarn boss yarn bag

Ok, so this is another item on my wish list! This would have to be one of the coolest crochet items I've come across. This bag measures about 10" x 10", and it comes with a removable yarn organizer to keep your balls separate and tangle-free!

Check prices here!

The next bag is a perfect gift for people who crochet! It’s so cute, looks great, and is the perfect little storage item. A little tote like this would sit perfectly at the side of your favorite chair. 

Time to unwind tote bag

And that's exactly what your special crocheter will be doing when they get given this sweet tote bag. Fun gifts like this with a personal touch are always a great idea as you know it will be loved.

Check prices here!
gift for crochet friend

Project bag

Project bags are larger bags that are able to hold any crochet project easily! A portable storage tote, like the one below, can double as storage, and keep your yarn organized. Project bags are an easy way to keep your yarn and work in progress contained and organized.

Portable yarn tote

This yarn tote would make the perfect Mother's Day or Christmas gift! It's large enough to hold multiple skeins of yarn, and it has a pocket to store all your crochet hooks. 

Check prices here!

I know not all yarn bags are unique gift ideas, but I hadn’t come across a backpack for my craft items before. I love the idea of it because it’s easy to carry. I feel like I write an article on just bags as there are so many that would make amazing gifts for people who like to crochet!

Crochet backpack

How elegant is this backpack?! You'll be the envy of your crochet friends when you turn up with a backpack as nice as this. This will become a popular choice in crochet groups because it looks good and is functional.

Check prices here!

Crochet kits

If you need a gift for a newbie crocheter, then a kit might be a really practical idea. A kit normally comes with wool and hooks to get any new crocheter learning new skills in no time!

Complete crochet kit

This is a fantastic value kit as it comes with 15 balls of colourful yarn, a set of crochet hooks, and other items such as stitch holders, a set of stitch markers and a row counter. And it all comes in a tote for easy storage. A kit like this would make great Christmas gifts for new crocheters!

Check prices here!

Crochet Amigurumi kit

If your crocheter wants to learn new techniques, then a cute Amigurumi crochet kit might be the perfect present! Amigurumi originated in Japan, and it is the art of making little stuffed dolls. It’s a trendy craft around the world.

Owl Amigurumi crochet kit

This cute little owl crochet kit comes with all the materials you need to create it, including the hook, stuffing and eyes. The owl measures about 4" tall once it is complete. It's an easy pattern to follow as long as you know the basic crochet stitches.

Check prices here!
Amigurumi gift for people who crochet

Pattern books

While the internet is great for free crochet patterns, a crochet pattern book is a fantastic gift. Books are great because they are full of different crochet ideas to make. There are so many types of books that it’s really hard to choose just one. So, I’m going to link to three amazing crochet books below. 

Crochet stitch dictionary

With over 440 stitches in this dictionary, your crocheter will come across some new stitches they haven't tried before. This crochet book is also fantastic if you come across a new stitch and need help figuring out how to perform it. This book is a great gift idea in both Kindle and paperback forms.

Check prices here!

Unexpected Afghans

I love Afghan blankets. They are one of my favorite things to crochet. This book has 29 different ideas to create a beautiful, snuggly blanket. This book comes in both Kindle and paperback editions.

Check prices here!

Whimsical Stitches Amigurumi

This book is fantastic! It has 30 unique Amigurumi patterns for your crocheter to make. If you're looking for the right gifts for your creative friend, you've come to the best place! You can choose from either the Kindle edition or the paperback. Either way, this crocheting book has easy to follow patterns to create the most darling little stuffed dolls—a must-have book.

Check prices here!

Yarn winder

Ok, so moving on from bags… and onto a yarn ball winder. A winder is essential if you’ve picked up skeins of yarn from your local yarn shop and it isn’t in a neat little ball. The winder will shape your yarn so that it is easier to unravel as you crochet. This should mean for quicker, tangle-free crocheting!

Stanwood Needlecraft yarn winder

This yarn ball winder is a super handy tool for keeping your yarn neat and compact. This particular style allows you to pull the yarn from the centre, keeping your yarn in good shape. This winder is heavy-duty, and can hold up to 10oz of yarn.

Check prices here!

Yarn swift

A yarn swift is a gadget that looks like an umbrella! It is a useful tool when winding skeins of yarn into balls. You can either hand-wind or use a winder to transform your yarn into compact balls.

I have added a video created by Knit picks to show you how easy and helpful a yarn swift can be to use.

Knit Picks Wooden Yarn Swift

This yarn swift is made from wood with a lovely black satin finish. It easily attaches to a table-top to keep still and sturdy as you wind your yarn. The swift can hold much yarn, so you don't need to worry if this comes in different sizes. This swift is the perfect gift for your crocheter, who likes to buy skeins and make them into more manageable balls.

Check prices here!

Ergonomic crochet hooks

Crocheting can be tough on the hands because of how the hook and yarn are gripped. The best way to ensure you don’t get achy hands is to buy ergonomic crochet hooks. These take the pressure off your hands so you can crochet for as long as your little heart desires. 

Clover Amour crochet hooks

Coming in a variety of sizes, this pack of crochet hooks makes the perfect gift. These hooks are so nice to use as they are comfortable to grip and they help to reduce fatigue. They come in a range of bright, fun colors too.

Check prices here!

Stress relief gloves

If your crafter finds they often get sore hands and wrists while crocheting, they may need some stress relief gloves. Providing comfort and support, these gloves are great at reducing the stresses and strains placed on the hands while crafting.

Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves

This pair of gloves will make your hands feel supported and comfortable. Made from quality spandex, these will keep your hands toasty and warm, while not restricting movement. You'll be able to crochet longer with these on your hands.

Check prices here!
crochet gift ideas

Crochet hook case

There’s nothing worse than losing hooks and other crochet items because you don’t have anywhere good to store them. That’s why a crochet hook case is a great gift for crocheters. It keeps all their items together and hopefully they won’t lose anything!

Crochet Hook Case

This fantastic little case will sure to please the crocheter in your life. It has two sides so it is able to hold 10 hooks. Additionally, it has zippered mess pockets to keep all the other incidental items neat and tidy.

Check prices here!

Balls of yarn

Balls of yarn are a great idea to give as a gift for someone who crochets. I love new yarn and your crocheter will too. 

Rainbow assortment of yarn

With 40 assorted colors of yarn in this pack, your crocheter is sure to have enough wool to keep them busy for ages! This is 4 ply DK yarn which is perfect for everyday crafting. These balls are not very large, but they are great for smaller Arigurami projects.

Check prices here!

Pom pom maker

Pom poms are the best finishing item to go on beanies! You might as well make your crocheter’s life a little bit easier by buying them a pom pom maker. 

Pom pom maker

Coming in a range of four sizes, these pom pom makers will make light work next time you need a pom pom.

Check prices here!
red scarf crocheted


A steamer is a great idea as blocks generally need to be steamed in order for them to hold their shape. Steam blocking squares makes blocks fit better together when piecing a blanket or other project together.

Hilife Steamer

This handheld steamer will make blocking your project a breeze. Not only will this steamer be a great gift for the crocheter, but it will also steam garments and clothes. 

Check prices here!


In addition to the steamer, a wooden blocking board will help to hold your blocks in place. Again, this helps when they are being pieced together as they will all be a uniform shape and size.

Handcrafted Wooden Blocking Board

This block is made from beautiful red oak wood. The wooden board is 8" x 8" and comes with 50 pegs so you can block numerous blocks at once. The holes are located 0.5 inches apart, making it suitable for many different sized projects. 

Check prices here!

Gift card

When all else fails, a gift card is a perfect present. You can either check out your local big box craft stores, or if it’s easier, you can simply purchase an Amazon gift card through the link below. 

Crochet Hook Case

Ranging in amounts from $25 to however much you choose, a gift card is an excellent gift for a friend who crochets.

Check prices here!

Final thoughts

I hope this article has helped given you inspiration to buy a gift for the crocheter in your life. I’ve given you a great starting point with 30 different items. There are many more ideas for gifts, but I am sure you could find something in this gift list. If not, good luck in your search and let me know if there’s anything you think should be included in this list.

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