38+2 weeks today. Wow, it is getting closer and closer and closer! I was talking to Steve earlier and I was saying how surreal it all still feels. I am sure those feelings will be long gone when we are getting our 3 hourly wake up calls! LOL!

Well, today I made Steve take some photos of me. I know, about time, huh? But I was having some weird thoughts last night before I fell asleep. One of them was I better get some photos as Kate was born at 38+3 weeks and I really didn’t want to go through this for the last time without some photos. So, here ya go:


This pregnancy has been completely different to the other two. I was much sicker in the first 14 weeks when the very thought of food would make me want to hurl. I haven’t put on copious amounts of weight like I did with the other two. I have put on about 8 kilos, which should make losing it easier! I haven’t suffered with a certain embarrassing ailment like I did for the entire 9 months with the other two pregnancies. (Which has been total heaven!) And the last 8 1/2 months have gone so fast. It is hard to believe that the baby could be here any day now! (Except not tomorrow as Steve has to travel about 1 1/2 hours each way to see customers tomorrow! He ain’t getting out of it THAT easy!!!) I have to say, I have really enjoyed being pregnant and I cannot wait to meet little Amy!

I scrapped yesterday for challenge #4 over at the Journal It blog. I actually really really like the layouts I am creating for these challenges. I wouldn’t have scrapped these photos otherwise, or I would have scrapped them with the very basic information. In fact, I KNOW I wouldn’t have scrapped the photo I did last night because it was an awful, messy photo. But I am glad I did. Photos don’t have to be perfect, they just need to convey the message. Anyway, go on over and check out this weeks challenge. It is really easy this week!

Other than that not much else has been happening here. A little bit of retail therapy yesterday, although quite boring. I got us all new mattress protectors. You see, about a year ago I bought the kids new ones which were waterproof and machine washable, just what you need for kids, right? Well, I had a nap in Kate’s the other weekend and fair dinkum I sweated so badly and it wasn’t hot. Nup. It was the bloody waterproofing. I feel terrible now that they have been sleeping with these uncomfortable things for the last year. So I saw KMart had a homeware sale on and I got us all new ones as they were 30% off. Sweet. Here’s to a good restful nights sleep! And I got my eyebrows waxed in case I went into labour – I can’t have funky eyebrows in my hospital pics! ROFL!!!

Well, that really is about it from me today, I better go as the kids are being awfully quiet!!!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! 😀

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