39+5 weeks and still no baby sightings! Oh well. It will come when it is ready, or should I say, when I am least ready for it! LOL! I even took some castor oil yesterday and nothing. Friday¬†is a full moon, so maybe it will happen then? Pffft! All I know is, it will happen …

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Still here at 38+5 weeks. Nothing much happening. On monday Luke and I went to Spotlight in Blacktown to check out the sale. It was all 50% off. All I picked up was some felt, 2 placemats to make these cool bags, 3 bottles of DM as you can never have enough and some crafty stuff …

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Wow – where’d the weekend go?! I must have blinked too hard and missed it! Oh well. With every week that flies past, I am one week closer to meeting our baby so its not all bad news! I am now 29 weeks. Just over 10 weeks to go. I had my antenatal appointment last …

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First off, thanks guys for your suggestions about my bay window. I am not much of a green thumb, but I will put some plants there and hopefully they will survive! I will upload a picture when I get around to doing it. Thanks again! So, I made that skirt for Kate the other day. …

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Ok Bloggers, I need some help! I have a weird kitchen. It has a massive bay window behind the sink. Now, does anyone have any suggestions as to what should go there? It is really hard to clean at the moment, with my big tummy and all as I actually have to climb onto the …

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Challenge #3 over at Memory Bugs is out! Colour Challenge! “Black and white photos express reality better. A dog’s reality that is.” Thats right, this challenge is all about colour! I want to see a layout that has a colour photo, coupled with all things colourful. No black or white allowed here this week and …

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