Now, I have no idea who reads my blog, but if you have been checking in for a while, you may remember that some time ago, like in April 2008, I picked up some material to make Amy a quilt. It took me about 2 months to make the top and sew it to the back material.


It has sat in my sewing bag for the past 13 months. Untouched.

Until last night. I was inspired by my next door neighbour and her Christmas panel she has almost finished.

So I sewed on the binding and then re-sewed it to 1/2″ and not 1/4″. Then I started handstitching the binding and I finished it this morning while Kate and I snuggled under it.

Now I have a sore thumb and I don’t want to see binding for a very long time.


And here is Luke playing ‘Checkers’ on it, which was more like Snakes and Ladders.


I am one happy chicken now it is completed and I can finally move on to the next thing. I have a welome stitchery that I am close to finishing so I might get stuck into that next.

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  1. Wow its gorgeous!!Love the colours 😀 I've got a queen size quilt almost finished just have to buy the wadding, I like doing the binding!You've inspired me to get out my quilt and keep going 😀

    Krissy xx

  2. I have that caterpillar material!! I got it to make little pouches to hold camphor blocks for Sarah. The quilt it gorgeous though.

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