I have good intentions…

I always have intentions to update this thing, I just never seem to get around to it! I have stuff to write about from last weekend, let alone the one we just had! Well, here goes…

Kate and Luke went to my grandparents house for 2 nights over the long weekend. This was Luke’s first overnight trip to Grandma and Pops. He had been wanting to go for a while now, since Kate goes there during the school holidays occassionally. They had a nice time. Apparently they were really good and they ate all their dinner. They don’t eat all their dinner at home. Why is that? They helped grandma with some baking and drew lots of pictures. They went for drives. They just generally had a nice time.

I turned Amy’s car seat around the other day. She seems to like the forward facing drive. It is also much easier to get her in and out! Here is Amy on one of her last rearward facing drives.

When I was pregnant with Amy, a lady at work, Pauline, gave me a gift. It was a beautiful layette set that her mother knitted. She also gave me another set that one of her friends knitted also. They are so beautiful. Too beautiful to use! But then I wanted to put a nice warm jacket on Amy, so I pulled it out. It fitted perfectly. I need to have this photo printed off so I can give it to Pauline.

And this weeks challenge for the DT comp over at Scraploot required us to use PINK, BLUE, ORANGE, WHITE and BLACK. Interesting colour combo, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. SO, I took the easy option. One main colour and use the others as highlights. This is what I came up with:

Onto other crafty stuff, I have sandwiched Amy’s quilt and I have started quilting the top! Wait a sec, I will just go and get a pic… the yellow has turned out a little orange in this pic, but it is a bright yellow. It will have a colourful bind aswell. It has pink flannelette as the backing material. It is still going to take me ages to finish it because of the binding. I will get there though, and I can’t wait to have it finished!

I have heaps of other things I want to say but I will leave it there for today. Thanks for stopping by!!! 😀

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