Welcome Winter!

Wow, winter, already?! My uncle once told me about a theory about time. It makes sense to me.

When we are 2, one year is half our lives. So it seems like a really long time. When we are 10, 1 year is 1/10th of our lives, so it still seems a long time. When we are 30, 1 year is 1/30th of our lives so it starts to feel quicker. Imagine when we are 100, 1 year is only 1/100th of our lives so it will just fly. Food for thought.

So, this last week wasn’t great. I started crashing on wednesday and I crashed and burned spectacularly on thurdsday. I was so tired. I could barely keep my eyes open. I just keep thinking to myself, this isn’t forever. Just until the kids are older and they no longer need childcare. Or until I win the lotto, whichever is first. Well, since I don’t play lotto, I guess it is until the kids get a little older. The money is good, so I can’t complain.

Amy was 7 months old last wednesday. I know, I can’t believe it either! She is getting there with her sitting. I have lots of mummy guilt about that one! She is also sick with a cold. The poor baby. She is asleep at the moment, so I am enjoying some nice quiet mummy time. Luke is busy playing with Noah’s Ark and watching Little Eiensteins at the same time. He loves that show.

Both Luke and Kate had performances last week at school for Education Week. I didn’t take any photos, but I did video it. Luke did some actions to a song and then he did another performance with the year 5’s – they reinacted the torch relay which involved slow motion running. Very cute! Kate performed a belly dance. LOL! Lucky for me, their performances were on different days! Here they are playing in the backyard after school.

I finished the next challenge for Scraploot. You had to do a layout using no cardstock, using felt, colouring in and at least 6 buttons. Many thanks to my model and to Vita with whom I stole the photographing idea off! The layout is about Luke and his first trip to the beach.

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