A Top 10 layout.

Lusi, ages ago, asked if I would like to contribute a layout to her Top 10 feature in Scrapbook Creations. Of course. The theme was stationary and well, I love stationary as much as I love scrapbooking, so it worked out well. After about 3 weeks I finally finished my layout. This was the second layout I did after my huge scrapping break. It’s a bit all over the place and I didn’t really find my groove the whole way through it. Not to worry.

The layout is about how I kind of blackmail Kate to do her homework etc, because she has to set an example being in the SRC etc.

Before I go, have you checked out the comp at The Scrapbook Establishment? You can win some fantastic prizes just by signing up and chatting away and sharing layouts in the gallery. Check out the details: here in the forum.


0 thoughts on “06.11.08”

  1. hi beautiful one 🙂
    hey love this layout every time i see it 🙂 and your recap of the perfect week is really just that – filled with lots of things that i think make a perfect week as well.
    love to you mate,
    lus x

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