Has it really been over 2 months since I updated this thing? I think I need to pay more attention to my blog and use it in the way it should be used. That is, to look back on and remember things because time moves so fast it is easy to forget the little things.

Speaking of time. I need some. Does anyone have any spare they could lend me? My days are full of stuff and my nights are full of work. I originally sat down and wrote myself out a timetable. It didn’t last long because I was so caught up in doing ‘stuff’ I forgot about me and I really needed some me time. The day I almost cried because I hadn’t sat down all day was it for me. The day my timetable got turfed and well, the housework has been getting less and less each day. It is all about balance but right now I have not managed to get that right. I will. Eventually.

So, whats happened in the last 2 months? Stuff. Just same old everyday stuff. Good stuff. Fun stuff. Just stuff.

Kate finally lost her first tooth – on her 7th birthday. Yeah, I didn’t think they were ever going to come out either! LOL! The Tooth Fairy, thinking it was a special occassion to have a first tooth fall out on a birthday decided to be generous and leave $10 (because it was all the Tooth Fairy had). But alas, I was told that the Tooth Fairy was supposed to leave coins. Can’t win sometimes…..

Kate was elected onto the SRC for her class. She was so excited and is so proud to wear her badge. I was proud of her too, it is not easy starting at a new school.

Luke is going well. He has started speech therapy. That is going good (besides costing me an arm and a leg) but it will be worth it in the end when I can understand him. He started preschool in February and hasn’t looked back since!

Amy is getting so big! She is 5 months old now. She is such a cutie! She has a really annoying habit of rolling onto her stomach and then screaming the house down as she doesn’t like to be on her tummy. She does it many times during the day, the silly sausage! But yeah, she is growing up way too fast!

Steve has a new hobby. Fish. We got a fish tank and now he has become a little addicted to fish. It keeps him happy and the kids are enjoying going to fish shops and pet shops looking at stuff. It’s a thing we all enjoy together and together time is what we really focus on. So much so that we have instituted Family Fun Sundays. We have decided to do something as a family, like going somewhere, every sunday. We all put ideas forward and we choose something we want to do. We went fishing one week. To the park another week. Just being together and enjoying ourselves is really important to us as a family.

And me? Well, I got a new job at work. I will be now starting at 10pm and working through until 6.30am or so. I will have to change my sleeping pattern but it’s all good as I wont be losing out on any of the little sleep I actually do get. Oh and I am a little excited as I have been called to do jury duty tomorrow, although I hope I am not needed as it is too hard to organise kids etc.

I have a few tutes I am trying to prepare, sewing wise, so hopefully I can get them ready int he next week. I am enjoying crafting. I have only scrapbooked one page so far this year. I like the page and it is special to me and I will not tell anyone the meaning behind it because I dont want to jinx the specialness of it.

Well, thats about it really. Just stuff. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. You're back!!! Yay!!! so good to 'catch up' !! Glad all is well even if it is a tad hectic !!! It'll all fall into place ..just remember to breathe!!! lol
    catch ya soon

  2. Congratulations to Kate, that is wonderful that she is on the SRC.

    Luke sounds like he is doing great too, well done and I hope he does great in Speech Therapy.

    Amy is getting beautiful every day Beth, what a stunner she will be.

    I hope the new hours don't throw you out too much in terms of sleeping patterns, I guess its great that you can work around Steve and the kids.

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