Some layout I did for this week’s newsletter over at The Scrapbook Establishment. I got to use Webster’s Pages, Sweet as Cherry Pie range. I was very overwhelmed at first, but when you cut it up into smaller bits, strips etc, I find it easier to get my head around it!

I know, this is very much a ‘go to’ design for me. Sometimes I find it just works as I have enough room for pics and the story. Which is most important.

This layout is about Steve’s Grandma’s omelette recipe. It’s his favourite but I think they taste more like eggy pancakes than omlettes! LOL!

Amy was so cute the other day, she said “bye bye” and waved and also “yes sir” as she is copying Luke when he says “Sir yes sir” all the time. She has also started doing ninja punches. Hmmmm. I will blame that on Luke also. LOL.

Well, that’s about all from me today. Not alot to say really. I have enjoyed my week off work, even if it meant Steve had to go away for work a couple of times, but nonetheless I have enjoyed getting a good night’s rest and more importantly catching up with some pretty special people. Back to the salt mines on monday though.

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  1. great layouts Beth! Love the recipe one especially, so different!
    What paper is that retro lady cutout from?! It's delish!

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