Project 365: September

So this past week I have been taking a daily photo. It’s one of those things I like the concept of but fail to execute.

The first photo is of Amy with her new umbrella. It was the first time it had rained since she got it, so of course she wanted to try it out! She thought it was the best thing ever.

The next photo is of Luke, Amy and Kate. Kate has gorgeous ringlets so I was trying to take a photo of her. The others wanted to join in. Who am I to say no to that? Even if they wouldn’t stay still!

Then onto Father’s Day. Unfortunately the photos of Steve opening his presents didn’t turn out very good, but at least I took a before shot of them. He was very spoiled and got a book, DVD, socks, a tool belt and a keyring.

When we went to Melbourne in July, we picked up one of these eggs from the aquarium. We have had one previously but it didn’t get very big, but the one we saw at the aquarium was huge so we decided to have another crack at it. I mean, how hard is it to put an egg in water and let it grow? Very, apparently.

The next photos is some flowers the neighbour across the road gave Amy. They are out of her garden. Amy loves flowers and when we go for walks she always asks me to collect her some. When I went to cross the road to go home, I got swooped by a magpie. Ugh.

Steve bought some trees. They were nothing but a stem and a root ball. The looked dead and I didn’t think they would green up. Of course it was the middle of winter when he got them and they are deciduous, but it didn’t stop me from thinking they weren’t alive! They are weepeing birches and they finally got their first leaves of the season.

The stump. Well. Where do I start with this? This stump has been a feature of our backyard since we bought the house. It was chopped down many years ago we have been told and it has turned into very hard wood. So hard that a chainsaw wouldn’t go through it. Steve had been hacking away at it slowing with an axe. A few chops each day. Without much success. Then in winter he got an idea. He would burn it out. It took many weeks to do, but he got it out by digging a great big hole around the roots and setting fire to some hot coals every night. He had to do it slowly as he didn’t want to hurt the fence. He finally got it out though. We are going to have a celebration and burn that sucker to smitherines.

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  1. Beth, Hi, I met you a couple of years ago in Sydney at a scrapbooking workshop weekend, anyway was glad to see you have had that beautiful baby (as you were pregnant at the time) and that you are back scrapping.
    Cassie Thorne

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