A birthday and some layouts

I have been busy, I have recommenced studying this year. It’s exciting and I am throwing myself into it with gusto. I study while Amy is alseep which is convenient. The only downside is, I seemto have no spare time left anymore. Not to worry, stuvac will be here before I know it. LOL. Then I might finally finish catching up on our New Zealand holiday posts.

Kate is 8 today. I bought her Nintendogs for her DS as she has been asking for it for ages and also the first book in the Lemony Snicketts Series of Unfortunate Events. You know, every year I think ‘woah, that’s gone quick’ but this year it has flew at a remarkable speed. My baby girl is older and it makes me sad that with every impending birthday it means she will become more and more independent until she has matured into an adult. I will refuse to think about that for the moment!

I do have some layouts to share though. These layouts were created for The Scrapbook Establishment’s newsletter. I was fortunate enough to getto work with Little Yellow Bicycles Love Letters range.

Ok, well, I must get back to it all. Well, I better get going as I have a little bit more study to do before Amy wakes up. Cheers and TFSB! 😀

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  1. Happy belated birthday Kate! Studying, and you went to NZ?! Where have I been hiding? Anyway, sending my love to you and the fam mate and LOVE your wedding layouts!
    loads of love,
    Lus x

  2. Happy Birthday Kate, I hope you had a wonderful day sweetie.

    Good luck with the studying Beth, I hope you find a balance between work and play.

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