Scrapbooking Memories Masters 2009

Edited: Scrapbooking Memories was an Australian scrapbooking magazine that is no longer in print. Every year the magazine would have a competition where ten scrapbookers would be selected as ‘masters’.

The masters would contribute to the magazine throughout the following year.

In addition to the masters, a number of other scrapbookers would be selected to have their layouts displayed as honourable mentions.

The competition was fierce! Scrapbookers from all over would contribute their best work, and it was a real honour to win.

In 2009, I did not win a master’s spot, but I was fortunate to have one of my layouts selected as an honourable mention.

This is my post from 2009:

I have my SM Master’s 2009 projects to share. I am not sure if it was my achievement or my shaped layout that received an HM so I won’t share either of them until I find out.

ETA: Thanks Michelle for letting me know it was my achievement layout. Wow, a bit surprised as I thought the journaling wouldn’t read well when shrunk to fit in the magazine. Interesting.

So then, here is my shaped layout. It took me ages and I agonised over this layout the most.

I beaded the flowers down the bottom, it was the first time I had done anything like that and I quite liked the way it turned out too.

Here is the double. I find this layout tremendously boring but I wanted to create a balanced layout using big photos, I think they are about 5.5″x3.5″. Just click on it to see the full layout.

My mystery project is an altered book I did for Steve. I will tell you now, that individually gluing together 246 pages of a book is not fun. Also cutting out about 200 of these pages to create the recesses was equally not fun. A not fun project, but I love it to bits because it is Steve all over.

I have some more 365 photos to share, but the post is already image-heavy enough as it is. I can’t believe I am still keeping up with it also, it’s as if I am enjoying looking for stuff to photograph. Who’d have thought?!

0 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Memories Masters 2009”

  1. Hi Beth, It was GREAT meeting you last night and look forward to scrapping with you on Tuesday….I would seriously LOVE to see this book (hint hint hint) LOL

  2. Beautiful work Beth 🙂 I love your clever book idea and wow can see that your butterfly page must have taken you ages!! well worth it though… it looks awesome!
    Aga xx
    PS. Congrats on your HM too!

  3. Susan (smiles1965)

    Wonderful work Beth. Your soooo clever:)

    I'm loving all your photos here. Great work. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays while they last.

  4. Congrats on the HM honey! Your projects look fantastic. The book is amazing and from a viewer's perspective is worth all the work! It is sensational!

  5. Congrats on the HM Beth, and your other entries are just AMAZING, just love what you've done with the book I can only imagine the hours of work involved!!!!!!! Great piccies too 🙂

  6. homeschoollearningforlife

    Oh wow Beth – that book is amazing – what patience, but it paid off, its a one of a kind. And I absolutley love that beading on the butterfly. I can totally see why they considered your entries for the Top 10. Isn't it funny how they choose some of our 'not favourite' ones for HMs?

  7. Beth, congratulations on the HM. I bet that laoyut is stunning.

    I love the shaped page you did and the double.
    The book is stunning, what a stunning keepsake for Steve.

  8. Wow Beth what great work!! Really love the book on Steve and all the photos. Can sympathise with you on the photography, I'm just learning how to 'manual' mine, bit of a change after the old 35mm film camera 😛

  9. Michelle Winston

    Congrats on your HM Beth… it is your achievement LO, and it's right next to mine !!!
    Beautiful work on the rest of your entry – WTG !!!

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