A DT layout and a zoo trip.

I have had these photos developed for ages and I never knew how I should go about scrapping them. I saw Julie had done a layout and titled it Pit Crew Boss and I knew the theme was perfect! I am pretty bad with titles! Sometimes I would prefer not to have them at all, but they do serve a design purpose. This layout came together quite quickly and I used 3 different Apple Blossom Studio Stamps. I went with a circle theme because of the whole car has wheels thing. Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

On the weekend we went to Taronga Zoo. The new Underwater Encounters exhibit is pretty cool, but nothing can beat this:

Isn’t that photo special? Totally. Love it.

And the token kids photo:

And before anyone asks, no, as a scrapbooker I did not put my children on the elephant statue for a photo opportunity! They saw everyone else doing it and wanted a photo on it! But as a scrapbooker, I am overjoyed! 😉

TFSB! Cheers! 🙂

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