A layout share. This one is in this week’s newsletter from The Scrapbook Establishment. I used the Little Yellow Bicycle’s Zinnia range.


Well, the school holidays are almost at a close. This holidays have been fantastic! We have done heaps of stuff. Usually we are either sick or it rains or it is summer (ugh!).


These school holidays we:

  • had a lazy pyjama day where we painted, played potato heads and lego. We showered to get back in our pyjamas.
  • played indoor mini golf where I got no good photos. Next time I think we will go outdoors.
  • went to the movies and saw Up.
  • bought the patterns for Halloween costumes!
  • bought a camper trailer! We then have been shopping lots for stuff to go with it. We are really looking forward to our first camping experience! 🙂
  • went to Nurragingy and fed the ducks and played in the grounds. Luke, of course, almost fell in the water.
  • went to the circus and had a fantastic time. It was pretty awesome! 🙂
  • scrapbooked the above layout.
  • got a Scrapbooking Memories Master’s email to say I had been shortlisted.
  • went to a playdate with 5 other kids from Luke’s class.

After not being able to leave the house last holidays thanks to Luke’s chicken pox, I think we made up for it in the fun department these holidays. Only 9 weeks in term 4 and then holidays again! Yay! I love school holidays!!! 🙂

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  1. Hi Beth,
    I was so happy when I read your name on the shortlist. Well done!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.
    I love reading your journaling and I pop by your blog every few days to see what else you've created and just o go back through LOs I've already seen. I've commented before about your journaling but I've got to say for me it's what really make you stand out from the crowd. Im so glad your kids will have such a great reference point about their life and yours. Well done Beth. You are a real inspiration to me. Thank you.

  2. Congrats on the masters list. I am also wondering how you get all those gorgeous photos together. Could you tell me how to do it one day when you have time please.

  3. Hi Beth 🙂 just wanted to say congrats for making the masters shortlist!!! best of luck and can't wait to see what you created!
    Love the crocs layout as well as the holiday pics 🙂
    Aga xx

  4. Ok – where do I start? Firstly – I was over at the SM site the other day and saw you made the shortlist – WOOHOO! I am soooooo happy for you – you deserve it so much! I think you would make a wonderful Master! Secondly – I am so glad this school hols was so much better than the last, I remember how disappointed you were when you got stuck at home. It looks like you had a ball these hols. Thirdly – A camper van – very cool. You can always come and camp down our way (we could camp with you of course!) & fourthly – great LO!

    Have a good one!

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