Well, I haven’t scrapped in a while, but I have had some ideas running around in my head. I finally managed to get one of those ideas down on paper for this fortnight’s Journal Challenges challenge.

6 months

I never took any photos of Luke when he went to speech therapy. At the time I didn’t deem it appropriate. I was cleaning out a cupboard and I found his flashcards, so I decided to use them to tell the story instead.

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  1. Hey Beth – just thought I would come and check things out! Love this LO – can't believe you can create such a great LO with no photos…..very cool!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Love the layout about your sons speech delay. It really interested me as it sounds exactly what my son is like. He has just turned 3 and does not say a lot of words. He goes to childcare on a tuesday and his teachers name is "Sue" which he can only pronounce as "WHO". No matter how hard he tries he just can't come out with it. Would be interested to chat a little more with you about this. If you don't mind could you please contact me lynrob4@bigpond.com

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