Day 16

While typing I am eating my dinner. Tonight I made a low chemical side dish – rice and cottage cheese pie put of the Friendly Foods book. You know what, I wouldn’t have thought it, but it is actually yum. Steve has an appointment with the RPA allergy clinic in january so there is much progress with that side of things.

Today I have the most special Christmas tree bunting to share with you. I think this would look great hanging across a mantel. I don’t have a mantel. I have a buffet which at the moment is adorned with a ceiling fan that the electrician was supposed to put in about a month ago. I think I need to find a new spraky. Hmmm. Anyway, it would probably look good across my buffet too. The bunting is brought to us today by Sadie from the Sadieandlance blog. Follow the link to her detailed tutorial. Gorgeous, huh?

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  1. Sorry to see that Steve has been in the wars again. Good luck with the diet and hopefully it will make a big difference. Love all the creative things you have posted up and I can see a few that I would like to try – eventually. LOL

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