Who’d have thought I would be back so soon, especially with another layout! Not I!

So, I was cleaning up my space and I was putting away some papers and I realised that I have waaay too many Basic Grey papers. This is what 159 full sheets of BG PP looks like. It was originally 161 but I have made it my mission to start using and stop collecting. No doubt you will see more BG layouts in the near future. 🙂


Ok, so a smarter person would have photoshopped the words onto the photo. Not me. I used some old MM rubons. I like using old stuff. It’s so refreshing to know that stuff will be used, eventually.

I know, I know, 3 people have tagged me to do the 8 things tag, and I will, but Luke, who is home from school today sick, is bugging me to use the computer. It seems he is a little addicted to Mini-Clip games. I can’t say I am immune to them either though. 😉

0 thoughts on “17.06.09”

  1. 159 sheets!!! Tut tut. Some people.
    Actually that's not too bad. At least you're still counting in sheets and not measuring in inches! LOL
    I really, really love that layout!

  2. OMG Beth, I thought my stash was bad but yours is incredible!! I totally adore your layout, wow just love it all. Can't wait to see all your BG layouts start to filter through 😉

    And just wanted to say also I love your shaped layout!

  3. Beth – I am starting to wonder if you will ever do a LO that I don't LOVE. Hope Luke is feeling better and hope that Steve is OK….until they figure out what is going on and probably even when they do – tell him to stay away from the hair dye.

  4. Love the layout beth!! Glad Steve is feeling better. And I am also glad that there is more collectors out there like myself. I think I really really need to start using more of my older stuff too! Instead of being tempted by all of the new stuff!

  5. The journalling on this is divine Beth 🙂 Gorgeous.
    I was actually going through my stash tonight thinking I had a lot of BG too… but you've just made me feel a whole lot better about that! 😀

    Hope you're travelling well babe!

  6. pmsl, Ok so mine isn't that bad, but I do have ALOT of BG too. I'm a collector aswell.

    as for the rub on's I would have done the same thing I'm too lazy to add writing to my photos.


  7. Beth, I am drooling over your stash…lol One day I hope I can have piles that look like that! I love your LO too – especially your use of the rub-ons, buttons and twine. Glad to see you're on a roll!

  8. Beth, that looks like my pile of Basic Grey. I have 1 and a half Cropper Hopper Vertical Folders full of Basic Grey. lol

    I love everything about your layout Beth… the journalling, the title/quote and especially how you used the rubons. Amazing work.

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