2 months down, 1 to go.

I love Winter. Flannelette pyjamas, hot chocolates, tracksuit pants, not having to shave my legs. There’s so many good things about Winter. Even the daily temperatures make me appreciate the other seasons more.
Especially as a kid. Summertime. With a sprinkler. Is there anything better?
I created this layout while I was at that retreat I mentioned a couple of posts ago. This was for a 1 hour challenge. And yep, Sarah and I rocked our layouts and we came equal first! Thanks Kim for picking our layouts!
I must say, I am going to be quite sad if I ever finish my Pier paper pad. I love the muted colours and the tones are so easy to scrap with.
In other news, 4 weeks ago I started a new job. Well, new corporation, kind of same job. I must say, it’s quite fun to be able to say I play with trains all day. So I’ve been away at Junee for the past 4 weeks doing some training. I’ve been coming home on weekends. I must say, I breathed a sigh of relief every time I walked through my front door. There’s just something about home that can’t be replaced. So now, I’m back based in Sydney and I can’t be happier! (Unless I win lotto or something like that!) 🙂
And now I’m home, I’m off to scrap the day away with some fantastic friends I have met through scrapbooking. Look out Delights, I’m about to get ready and come on down to Dapto!

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