Probably a big post. Sorry about that.

Day 3 of Ali’s 25 Days of Christmas:

Amy has learnt to climb onto the chair in her room. After I change her nappy I usually leave her to have some quiet play time while I wash my hands etc, but I wont be able to now as I am fearful that she will topple off the chair! She doesn’t really have the concept of height yet.


Day 4: I don’t have a photo of this but I got my hair cut and coloured. Yes, it is a thing of note for me as I don’t colour my hair. I have got foils once before but let them grow out as I couldn’t be bothered with the upkeep. This time they might stick around a bit longer. I am liking them. 🙂

Day 5: Luke was drawing one morning and he told me he was drawing Webster. He then proceeded to draw Webster under the ground. It’s been over a year but he still missed him.


Day 6: I went to my Christmas party for work. It was heaps of fun. Last year I got horrendously drunk so this year I was sticking to Diet Coke. I still got up and danced like crazy all night! Thanks Steve for taking this photo! 🙂


Day 7: A bum around at home day. Here is Amy in the sandpit in the backyard.


Day 8: Kate and Luke were writing out their Christmas cards. They were putting those chocolate gold coins in the envelope aswell. Except for Luke. He would say ‘that person doesn’t like chocolate’ and then eat their allocated coin. Only 2 kids ended up with a chocolate…


Day 9: This is very exciting for us indeed. We booked our flights to New Zealand. We are flying Emirates. On the way back we are on the Airbus A380. Yup. The SuperJumbo!!!! We cannot wait!!!

Master’s was announced in a way yesterday. Most people don’t know this, but for personal reasons I decided just over 2 months ago to remove my entry from the competition. I was very happy with my decision and I tell you, there was an immediate sense of relief. I didn’t need to sit and wonder and wait to see if I would get the elusive call. I didn’t need to worry if my entry was good enough in other scrappers eyes. I didn’t need to worry if I would have enough time to complete the required things of me if I were chosen.

So since I wont be published in the Master’s magazine, I guess I can do a bit of a share.

My single layout. This layout fell into place really quickly, after only about an hour. I love it. It is still one of my most favourite pieces.

My double layout. This layout had me baffled as I really could not think of goals and dreams etc. SO I went with something slightly different.

My Keepsakes. I put together some frames for the family. I got the idea because both Kate and Luke have a picture of me in the rooms because I work at night and it makes them feel like I am there and that they are safe and protected.

And my calendar. Oh how I agonised over what to do for this! I didn’t want to use a heap of supplies but I still wanted something cool. So I went with list calendars to cut down on product. I cut the house shape out of MDF. This was probably the funnest project of my entry. I loved putting this together, even if I almost did wreck it with HS rubons! Argh!

Anyway, sorry about the mammoth post! Thanks so much for stopping by! Take care! 😀

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