Well, it’s been a while…

This might be a big post but only because we have had a couple of big weeks. Most noteable though is Steve has been on holidays for the last week and a half. I have really loved having him home. Even though I still had to trudge out to work every night, it was so comforting to come home to him and know he would be here all day. So, I am a little bummed that he has gone back to work. Oh well, I have lots I have to get done today so the time will fly by the time he gets home again.

First off is a layout because I wont make you all wade through a long boring post to find one lonely layout down the bottom of it. It took me about a week to do this layout because I would do a little bit and then move on to other things in the house. You know, I liked how long it took. I liked that I took my time. I liked the process. I like the end result, which is always a bonus. 🙂

I thought at the outset that I wanted to do a whole ‘product spew’ layout and that I really wanted to use that mother of a flower from the BG Urban Prairie chip stickers. I also used some Apple Blossom Studio stamps so it turned into a DT layout too. So that was convenient! LOL!

Well, I guess I should continue with my Ali’s 25 Days:

Day 19: Well, it should have been the last day for school for Kate, but I kept her home. She didn’t mind. It was a stinking hot day so when we went outside to play, we went out for about 5 mins max. Too hot for playing in!

Day 20: We had a street Christmas Party. I took some very cool photos of the kids in the street, so I can’t upload any. The funny thing was, I said to Steve, I should take a photo of all the kids and he was like ‘nah’ all embarrassed, but as soon as I got my camera out to take a photo of Amy, all the kids ran over for a big group shot!

Day 21: I thought I would take some photos of Amy with these feather angel wings I bought. She wasn’t having a bar of the wings but she did love the baubles!

Day 22: I thought it would be nice to get some Chrismassy shots of the kids in their Christmas shirts.

Day 23: I finished my tree skirt!!! I only started it for Christmas 07! But, it is finished now! I am happy with it and it didn’t bother me that it didn’t co-ordinate with my black, white and silver theme. I have already decided that next year I am going for a pink, purple, aqua and lime theme.

Day 24: Santa was busy wrapping the presents without any supervision as I was at work and I think he did an excellent job! 😉 Thanks Santa!

Day 25: Phew. Made it! Christmas Day. The kids asked Santa for a Nintendo DS and he came through with the goods this year. He figured that if the kids asked for the same thing 2 years in a row then they were pretty serious about what they wanted.

I was going to extend my 25 Days to include all of December because we do stuff after Christmas also, excpet I missed the 29th and 30th!

New Years Eve was uneventful as I was at work until 5.30am. When I got home, this welcomed me:

We had a really great New Years Day. We had a BBQ at our next door neighbours and a swim in their pool. Such a great way to spend a day.

We had been promising to take the kids to the beach so we finally did on friday. We went to La Perouse as Kate gets car sick so it was an easy trip along 3 motorways. These are a couple of my favourite shots:

Well, that’s all from me today as I have a heap of things to go and do! Take care and TFSB!!! 😀

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  1. Beth, your kids are beautiful – both inside and out! They truly are! I can't wait till Jai is a bit older so he can do things like this for me (hopefully)! That photo with the teal door has got to be my fave so far. I'll be watching you do Project 365 from the sidelines and cheering you on! Oh and your layout is brill!!! Love all that stitching!!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I can understand why the layout took you so long…. it's simply stunning!!! and your new year's gift is so sweet 🙂
    Aga xx

  3. Aww that happy new year gift is the sweetest thing ever!
    I love the swing photo and the last one – that turquoise door is amazing!

    As usual, love your layout as well!


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