Project 365

I decided, I don’t know what I was thinking, that I would participate in Project 365. Basically, I have to not flake out and remember to take a photo every day. For the next 359 days. I wonder if I will see it through. I hope so. If anything, just to improve my photography skills.

Here are the first 6 days so far:
(My apologies for a couple of duplicated photos from the last post.)

1.  This is what Steve and the kids had set up for me for when I got home from work on New Years Day. There is a sign also. Love these guys to death!

2. At the watch tower at La Perouse. Love that teal colour.

3. Kate picking a four leaf clover.

4. Luke baking his cake and having it too, well, the beaters here anyway.

5. Luke playing with his lego. Love that lego holds his attention for ages.

6. What better way to spend a 42 degree day than by staying indoors and pretending to be a penguin?

Hopefully I can get some shots other than the kids! LOL!
TFSB and take care! 😀

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  1. Hey Beth, Loving your pics.. I am still learning to use my new Canon 450d.. I could learn a thing or 2 from you it seems!

    That pics of Luck watering is saved only by the fact you can see the hose nozzle..lol..

    Oh, and are those pancakes postable? lol.. I'd pay for those.. Mmmmmm…

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