Mini albums.

Please don’t get disappointed if you happened to come this way and expect to see a mini album. I don’t do them. Along with other off-the-page projects. For whatever reasons, they are just not me.
So you can imagine my absolute delight when I won Scrapbooking Memories Masters and with it, oh, about 10  mini albums.
I needed to find a way to use these suckers up.
So I started taking the pages out and using them on my layouts.
For this layout I thought to myself I am going to go through my stuff and find something really daggy to scrap with. Something old and that I hadn’t seen in a while (the type of things other hoarders have in their stash.)
And this is what I came up with:
I know right, that cat shaped Meow licence plate is awesome. I bet you wish you had one too. And those Prima Got Flowers? I still have over a bottle here to get through. Sequined Queen&Co flowers, well, all that’s back in again, anyway. And there, one page out of a canvas mini album. Feeling pretty fine using up old stuff. Yes, I am.
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