Scrapbooking: She

I actually have a layout to share, my second layout for the year so far. I am a bit slow but I am kind of off scrapping at the moment. It’s cyclic and at the moment, scrapping just doesn’t hold my attention. Even though it doesn’t hold my attention, when I actually sit down with the intent to scrap, I find myself really enjoying it.

Like for this layout. I was asked by Scrapbooking Memories to create a layout that would go on a little trip to various craft shows to be part of their display. Of course I jumped at the chance. Here’s what I ended up creating.

I just loved this photo of Steve and Amy and I was a little scared I would not do it justice.

In other news: I have got a new job! Yep, I start on 1 April as a Trainee Train Planner for RailCorp. I am so excited and I am now on a health kick so I can look good in my new big girl work clothes. Every job I have had has always involved a uniform so I am a bit excited about being able to buy some nice clothes and having somewhere to wear them too!

And we also adopted a little kitty on friday from the RSPCA. Her name is now Jynx. It was Bones. Who calls a gorgeous little girl kitty Bones? Anyway, she is so sweet and affectionate and of course, Meggs isn’t as keen on her as we would have hoped, but I think he is coming around slowly.

And the scarf I am knitting is coming along slowly. Hopefully I will have that finished by this time next week. It’s a beautiful pattern and I can’t wait to be able to wear it come winter time!

Also, have you checked out Pinterest? No? Then you must! Such prettiness all in one place!

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  1. So wonderful to see a new layout of yours. I keep checking back for an update. You have done the photo justice. Another beautiful layout. I love the lace and the details in the title block. You know I love your journaling too but I just thought I'd tell you again.

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