Hey a palindrome! 21.12! LOL!!!

Oh Moi – my name was Elizabeth – but everything – including drivers licence and passport was in Beth – so it was very easy to have it changed! If my parents wanted to call me Beth – then they just should have!

So…. work today. Busy too – which was surprising! Hmmm nothing much to talk about really.

I have decided to enter the Scrapworks DT competition. I finished my single layout last night and since you are allowed to have it shown on the net I will upload it. I am in the middle of doing my BTP item – I am doing a calendar thingy – when I am finished I will post a pic! Anyway – I better get back to it as I still have a double to do and a card and have them copied and sent off asap!
Here you go:

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  1. Looks fabulous Beth – as always! I love your work!!!
    All the best with the competition – I am cheering for ya!!!

  2. Ohh beth love this!!! Good luck with the Comp!! how soon do you have to have it in the mail?? I thought it was rater odd that they said in the details about the whole it not looking the same IRL – yet you have to send in photocopies?!? Odd hehe.

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