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Well, there goes another week and a half. Last week was great, although I did miss Steve terribly. On the upside, I got to sleep. Lots. Goodness it felt great to have a solid 11 hours sleep if I wanted too. Now I am back to the 4 hours per day which usually consists of a 1 hour nap while Luke is a preschool and a 3 hour sleep in the evening. I have noticed though that around 5am at work I find myself micro sleeping. Quite funny really, because about 6am I perk up like I was never tired in the first place. I guess it is my natural body rhythm or something.

So, I had planned to get so much stuff done last week, finish knitting Kate’s scraf for school, do a bit of sewing on Amy’s quilt, do some scrapbooking. Do you think I got anything done? Nup. That’s right. Nothing. But I really did enjoy my week off.

I went to the races at Rosehill on the weekend. This was the first time I had been and I had a great time! I came out in front in my bets too! I put on $1 each way bets. I spent $14 on the bets and won back about $20. Big spender, huh? LOL! Oh well, it was all in fun! Here is me with a work mate. Aren’t we spunky monkeys? LOL!

And then on sunday we went to the shops to have a look around and ended up buying a dog! A gorgeous little girl Corgi! She is such a cutie! Kate named her Sally. I was a bit worried about naming her that as we previously had a dog named Sally that we had to give away as she was too boisterous for a backyard, but anyway.

Also, I had a layout in this months For Keeps. RDO. Not sure if I uploaded it here previously or not, but here it is anyway:

And that’s about it from me today. I really have to go and sort this house out! The kids have only been home one day with the teachers strike, and it is a mess!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers! 😀

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  1. Your layout is gorgoeus Beth, are they beads or brads on the top and bottom?

    Sally is gorgoues, whta a beautiful puppy. Hope she is settling in well.

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