Blue Bazaar? Surely not!

A couple of months ago I received an email and at first I thought it was a newsletter. I quickly skimmed through it. Not really taking it in. Until I see the last line. Wait. What? Surely it’s a mistake? Surely she can’t mean me. Apparently she does! I had been granted the most fantastic opportunity. I had been asked to complete a few kits throughout the year for Blue Bazaar.

When I first found out about online shopping and scrapbook stores, BB was one of my favourite places to hang out at. They always had awesome new stock and I met many friends around the forum. So you can imagine my absolute surprise.

My first kit was released in January. They are still available if you would like it, just check it out here.

My first layout is Where are we? I must admit, I was a bit shaky creating this, I wasn’t sure what style I should go with, how much technique I should include. Basically, I was quite nervous!

Then I got on a roll and felt much more comfortable when creating Cool.

Then the next layout, My Girl, took me ages to complete. I agonised over the silliest of things, where was I going to place those flowers? Horizontally, vertically? In the end, I went with just splashing them across and up. Umm, errr, diagonally even.

Next is some stripes. I adore stripes.

And lastly, Home. My man and me.

Now, one thing from this kit that I thought was the absolute bees knees: the gold polka dot vellum. Yessum. That there is one gorgeous piece of paper, or vellum, or whatever you call it.

Stay tuned for my March release. 🙂

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