Completed: Deer Cross Stitch

I have a plan to do a mixed media photo wall. I figured there was no point in putting up half the stuff and I would wait until I have completed all the pieces.
Well, it’s only taken me about 10 weeks, but I now have a piece for the collection.
A deer cross stitch.

Edited to add: PATTERN HERE! 🙂

I found a clip art silhouette of a deer I liked, pixelated it in photoshop, put a grid over the picture and made my very own pattern. It was pretty easy actually. But thank goodness for google.
And here’s a photo of me that Luke wanted to take of me with my completed project. Doesn’t that old calendar I made look like a hat? Well, I can sometimes be a bitch witch, so it’s quite fitting I suppose.
Ahh a completed project. It’s a good feeling, since I have so many WIPs.

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  1. Hey Lea! It was done mostly sitting in front of the tv after the kids had gone to bed! I actually really enjoyed making it! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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