Craft: Soap Making

Sarah came for a visit the other week. It was so good to see her.
We went to the licorice factory.

And we made freckles.

Then we went home and decided to try our hand at making some soap.
I found a recipe and instructions over at Lovin’ Soap Studio.
It consisted of:
Coconut oil – 8 oz
Lard – 16 oz
Olive oil – 8 oz
Lye – 4.5 oz
Water – 9 oz

FYI: the pumpkin is not for the soap.

We had a bad trace as I blended it for too long. It started going hard too quick to put it in the mould, but we got there, even if it isn’t a nice smooth finish.

And now for the six week wait to see if it worked.

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