Day to Day: Introducing Ace

This is Sally (and Luke):

Sally is our 7 year old corgi who has recently hurt her back right leg. The vet has basically said that there’s nothing they can do and to bring her in when she’s ready. Well, we’ve been keeping her pain medicated and we don’t want to lose her, but we know it could happen any time.
The kids (and Steve and I) are going to be devastated when the time comes.
So, what’s one to do?
Find a new puppy to ease the pain a little.
Preferably not one 7+ hours drive away. But when searching for a corgi, one has to take what one can get. They are hard to find and after ringing basically every breeder I could find listed in NSW, we had no choice.
Kate, Luke and I set off on an adventure to Grafton. We stayed overnight at Nambucca Heads and continued the trip the next day.
We made it to Grafton and set our eyes on to this little guy. Ace.

He was the last puppy left out of his litter. He took to the kids straight away. Luke had a ball having Ace chase him around.
We filled out all the paperwork and we could officially leave with our new Jarrett family member.
This is Ace on one of the stops we had on the way home:

We struggled to all agree on a name. Luke wanted Max, I liked Astro, Steve liked Mork and Kate kept changing her mind and Amy wanted to call him princess. Hmmm.
I was flicking through a website with popular dog names and we saw Ace. That was it. His name was chosen.

He is a fantastic puppy (as was Sally). He has slept through the night since we got him. He loves to bark at the cats who just look on in utter disdain. He still loves to chase Luke. He loves a good belly scratch. He has a penchant for shoes, but a simple ‘nuh-uh’ seems to do the trick.
He won’t stay still except for when he is asleep, which is quite often. He runs around one minute, and the next, he has flopped on the ground and he is asleep.

And Sally, well, let’s just say she seems a little happier too:

Love my corgi babies.

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  1. Great idea Beth to get a puppy while your older dog is still around – the benefits would be mutual. You forget how amazing puppies are. Ace looks gorgeous.

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