Day to Day: It’s about time.

I’m one of those people who are built for comfort. I like to be comfortable in my clothing, footwear and well, life.

So when I saw an advertisement for Pantene Beautiful Lengths, I thought, awesome, I don’t need to cut my hair for a while!

Now at this point in time you may think that I’m not really comfortable, and that I’m really just lazy.

You are possibly correct.

So anyway, I decided that was it, I’m growing my hair.

It has taken me so long to get it to this length, I’d say close to a year.

By now, I was just so over having long hair. It either ended up in a ponytail or plait everyday.

It was time.

Yay! It’s gone!

Although the girl who cut my hair gave me the most awful haircut I have ever, ever had. I will never go back to that salon as it’s the second time I’ve walked away feeling very cranky.

Regardless, the reason for cutting my hair is a good one and I’m so happy I was able to contribute to such a good cause!

Check it out here: LINK

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