Happy 6th Birthday Amy!

It only feels like yesterday when I was posting these photos from Amy’s 5th birthday.
This year we had a party with some of Amy’s kindy friends and her cousins. We had the ponies again and the kids loved them!
The donut game was a huge success and the winners were the kids who kept persevering as most of them gave up! LOL!
Luke having a good go of smashing the piñata!
The butterfly cake and cupcakes (thanks Woolies free magazine for the inspiration!)
The photo booth was a big hit, too!
 We played pass the parcel, balloon races and we had a sack relay. The kids for the most part just loved tearing around and jumping on the trampoline! But all in all it was a fantastic day and I couldn’t thank the parents enough for their generosity in their presents. We have gone from having 2 Barbies to 7 and a Barbie horse! Amy had a fantastic day and I was so happy to be able to share it with such a great bunch of kids.

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