Layout: I Love Us

Back here in 2011, I wrote this post on starting a Grateful scrapbook album. It was where I would scrap a page per week for a year about all the little things I was grateful for.
Needless to say I have completed a total of 3 layouts for that album. It’s not that I was ungrateful, it’s just that I had good intentions with no follow through (like usual!)
I have been thinking about it for some time now and I’m not going to make myself do a layout per week and stick to the ‘rules’, but I am going to pop a layout in there whenever I can. Because it will be nice to look back on.
So, I was int he mood to scrap the other night and I was looking in my photo box and I came across this photo of Steve and I. One of the kids took it of us when we were at Christmas Carols a couple of years ago now. We don’t have many photos of us together (or separately as we don’t like having our photos taken!)
I thought that it would make a great addition to my Grateful album.
So there it is, my first layout for 2014. I think I did 33 last year. I wonder how many I’ll get done this year?

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  1. Thanks Kaitlynne! I have been looking at that yellow polka dot paper for ages and I knew I had to use it eventually! I wanted the base to be more grey, but oh well!

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