Project 365: 08 – 15 February

Wow, I seem to be falling further behind with posting my Project 365 photos. I must get better at this.
Anyway, here’s another 8 photos, just a snippet of our lives.

8. Two shopping trips, but we found them.
9. Family day at Upper Colo.
10. Another night at cycling.
11. So I may like to sleep on Steve’s side of the bed when he’s not there. Shh. Don’t tell him.
12. After going for a run, I really needed to lie down.
13. I think Steve and I are ‘nuts’. Who else bought matching squirrel Valentine’s cards? Anyone? Anyone?
14. Scrap retreat time. Bring it on.
15. Breakfast at scrap camp. I keep saying I only go for the food!

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