Project 365: 31 January – 07 February

Another installment of photos from my Project 365.

31. Scrapping the night away at the Penrith Project Life crop. I still can’t believe it’s been successful!
1. Stephen bought me flowers. Just because.
2. Luke getting his hair cut. Short back and sides with a little spike.
3. I love these trees in the park across from my work. There’s nothing better than sitting under them eating lunch. Well, maybe going home from work is better, but it doesn’t make a good story.
4. The GPO building in Martin Place.
5. I love how Pixie stands in her bowl to eat.
6. Another dentist appointment to fix my broken tooth. Yeah, remember this post?
7. Ok, I’ll admit it, both Steve and I like playing with the train set and trying to come up with ways to get tracks inside tracks and still link them back up.
And that is 8 more days of my life documented.

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