Project Life 2014

I am also tackling Project Life again this year, even though I haven’t quite finished for 2013. Even so, I love my album from last year. Even my sister liked the concept (trust me, that’s saying something!)
I learned a few things that I will incorporate this year:
  1. Record keeping is key! I didn’t keep enough details and so I struggled sometimes to write more than the who/what/where/when’s. This year I am keeping a little diary and I will jot info down, if I use it good, if I don’t, it will still be fun to look back on in years to come.
  2. Snap the little stuff. I didn’t take photos of our everyday stuff, and well, that’s important too.
  3. Weekly date cards. I found this to be a waste of space and this year because I have decided to record in months with a little weekly wrap up, I should have more room for photos and fun stuff!
  4. Time. It’s so easy to fall behind because well, life does not stop for anything, so, I’m aiming to set aside a day and time each week to complete my previous weeks spread (probably Tuesday night after the kids are in bed, there’s no good shows on Tuesday, are there?)
  5. Journaling. This year I am going to journal more straight on to the photo. If there’s sufficient space of course, no one will lose a head for the sake of journaling.
I completed my title page after I took our family photo:
Let’s hope I can keep up this year. 🙂

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